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A new "win-win" paradigm for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is under development in this collaborative web space, building on three collaborative projects that are underway between October 2005 and June 2005. These three projects involve overlapping but somewhat different sets of stakeholders, including electric and gas utilities, distributed resource owners and builders, and state and federal agencies. All of these participants -- and others with knowledge to add -- are welcome to contribute to this web document, following the "wiki" conventions presented at:

The win-win paradigm is outlined below in its current state of development, with links to more detailed descriptions of its key elements, along with perspectives on the state of agreement to date. While consensus is growing on many of these elements, much work is still underway across the country. In particular, the results to date of three current collaborative projects are sumarized at the following pages:

1.) Distribution Planning Work Group of the Massachusetts DG Collaborative

2.) MTC_Congestion_Relief_Pilots

3.) EPRI_Distributed Energy Resource_Partnership

Additional bibliographic material is listed below, much of which can be readily downloaded from the Distribution Planning Work Group (of the Massachusetts DG Collaborative) at:

and from the California Energy Commission at:

Questions about this website should be directed to Fran Cummings (, 978-985-1557, Policy Director, Renewable Energy Trust, Masssachusetts Technology Collaborative) or Ellen Petrill (, 650-855-8939, Director of Public/Private Partnerships, Electric Power Research Institute).

For ideas on how you can contribute to this web document, and to get an idea how this could look when more fully developed, visit the following articles in the Wikipedia:

Participants in the associated projects are welcome to contribute to this paradigm directly in these web pages, by clicking "edit" at the top of each page and following the wiki convention for the neutral point of view (referenced above). If you want instead to advocate a different position or raise questions for discussion, then you may click on "comments" above and post messages related to any page. (You may do this as a guest, but to let others know who is making comments, please join and set up a username here at

Elements of Win-Win Distributed Resource Paradigm

1 -- Sources of Value in Distributed Energy Resources

1.1 Potential value to energy users

1.2 Potential value to the distribution and transmission systems

2 -- Economic Costs and Technical Risks of DER

2.1 Risks

2.2 Costs

2.3 Allocation of Costs & Risks

3 -- How to Leverage DER Value

3.1 Role of DER in Planning by Distribution Companies

3.2 Role of DER in Demand Response Programs

3.3 Role of Multi-Site Energy Users in DER Planning

4 -- How to Achieve a Win-Win for Everyone

4.1 Review of Potential Winners and Losers in Current Regulatory Environment(s)

4.1.1 General Overview

4.1.2 CA

4.1.3 NY

4.1.4 MA

4.1.5 Other States

4.2 Review of Alternative Business and Regulatory Frameworks

4.2.1 Business Models

4.2.2 Regulatory Frameworks

4.3 How to Achieve a "Win" for Regulated Utilities

4.3.1 Standby Charges

4.3.2 Win-Win_DG_Ratemaking_Options

5 -- Work Required to Further Develop Win-Win Paradigm

5.1 Work Needed

5.2 Work Underway

5.2.1 Distribution Planning Work Group of the Massachusetts DG Collaborative

5.2.2 MTC_Congestion_Relief_Pilots

5.2.3 EPRI_Distributed Energy Resource_Partnership

6 -- Other Topics (please add new items)

**Bibliography** (links to studies on this and related topics)